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ESPN Radio Host Tony Fiorino Takes Athletic Genetic Testing To Task

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If you frequent my blog at all, it would be easy for you to guess my position on genetic testing as a means for predetermining one’s success in sports. From my perspective, there are just too many other important factors (essential ingredients if I might) that help enable the possibility of athletic achievement, over and... Read more »

Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Robert J. Tozzi Dismisses Genetic Test Claims as Fantasy

In a post last March titled, Attention Sports Parents, Genetic Tests To Determine Sports Superstardom Are Here!!!, I highlighted the new genetic tests available that artfully claim to determine predisposition to athletic prowess, thus, possible athletic stardom. It was in that post I raised my concerns over such testing and the possible consequences that may... Read more »

WADA Taking It To Athletes With More Extensive PED Testing

In January of 2011 I highlighted an article from The Salt Lake City Tribune that detailed WADA’s idea of putting pressure on athletes to refrain from the use of illegal performance-enhancing substances by initiating more stringent and proactive testing for the 2012 London Olympics. It appears that they were not mixing words as Reuters confirmed... Read more »

Part II: Equality through three prongs

Guest Post From: Kristine Newhall Last week marked the 39th anniversary of Title IX. A consistent message is sent every anniversary and this year was no exception: Title IX has done a lot for women; there is still plenty left to be done. True. One of the many of the responses by those who remain... Read more »