Shame On ESPN's Tim Keown For Writing Such A Piece: "NFL and WADA? No thanks"

I can't believe Mr. Keown is actually serious with this stuff:

"You want to destroy the NFL as we know it? If you collected 20 of the smartest sports minds in the world to address that question, it wouldn't be long before someone would stand up and say, "'I've got it. This is the worst idea ever: Bring in WADA to handle drug testing.'"

"If you want to ruin whatever it is you like about the NFL, whether it's the speed or the hitting or the way your favorite defensive end comes back from an allegedly debilitating knee injury to play the following week, bring in WADA to do the drug testing."

"Once the NFL has blood samples from every player, does it stop with HGH and anabolics and other PEDs? What about diseases and pre-existing conditions and other stuff that could impact pensions and medical insurance and disability payments?"

"Most NFL fans seem to have reached an angle of repose when it comes to performance-enhancing drugs. They don't know the extent of it, but they can guess a little bit, and they're OK with the idea that a lot of these guys probably have to do something extra to play such a brutal game at such a high level week after week."

(For more Tim's stance on WADA and the NFL go here:  NFL and WADA? No thanks)

Ok, I can run with you a little on the idea that the NFL might be using the WADA testing thing as a threat to re-engage negotiations between the NFL and players. Although, that in and of itself is a little bothersome as I would like to see an honest effort to clean up the game - it is a great game.

But, the minimal credit he gives to the mentality of football fans is simply astonishing. The idea that he thinks so little of their ability, anyone's ability for that matter,  to look at a situation and come up with what is "right" and/or "best" for all concerned is, well...insulting.

And the theory that the NFL might use the blood samples for anything other than the stated reason that they were taken is ridiculous. How the heck did Mr. Keown come up with that?

Just a few moments perusing the intelligent comments/responses that follow Tim's piece demonstrates that I am surely not alone as Mr. Keown not only MISSED the proverbial "nail on the head," he crushed any idea that he  actually put any deep, considerate thought into his piece.

I am sorry to see that Tim thinks so little of his readers, and football fans in general.

Oh, and this "If WADA rules applied, Brian Cushing might still be suspended," my comment to that would be something like, "GOOD, maybe that might make a difference."



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