Parental Behavior At Youth Sporting Events Still An Issue

Ever been to a youth sporting event where parents yell and scream at, or belittle, the players on the field--sometimes their own. How about these same individuals badgering referees and/or coaches during the game, maybe after the game, maybe even coming to blows over a disagreement that occurred during the game, ever seen that?

For those that frequent these youth athletic competitions, most of this is nothing new. However, you would think with all the bad publicity, and likely embarrassment, that can accompany these outbursts that the pendulum might actually have started swinging back the other way; a direction of pendulum movement where calmer, less emotionally-involved parenting styles prevail.

Well, I certainly haven't seen the reverse of that pendulum swing, not yet anyway. At least that is my take based on the two recent articles listed below; one by freelance writer Linda Flanagan at HUFFPOST LIVING and the other by Yahoo contributor Edwin Torres at Yahoo Sports.

Both writers bring their thoughts to bear on a topic that is, all too often, a highlight in the media. Take a moment or two to read through these pieces and see if you come to the same conclusion I did. That we have a long way to go before poor behavior of adults/parents on the sidelines at games becomes a thing of the past.

Adults Behaving Badly by Linda Flanagan

Behavior on the sidelines: A soccer coach's story by Edwin Torres

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