High School Sports: Athletes And Alcohol In The News...AGAIN!!!

Photographs, originally on Facebook, of 11 athletes in possession of alcohol and/or tobacco were recently turned over to Melrose High School (Melrose, MA) administration as reported by According to information currently available, suspensions of these athletes could reach 60% of their athletic season, along with other possible consequences. Here is the news story direct from Fox 25 News:

Students suspended over drinking photos

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I have made it a point (and will continue to do so) to bring attention to stories like this because it represents a common issue with many high school athletes across the country. As I have previously stated, it is very unlikely there is any community in the U.S. exempt from the rampant disregard for high school athletic codes of conduct--the contract parents and their athletic offspring agree to abide by. You know, the agreement between parents, athletes, and the school that prohibits the use and or abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco by minors. The kind of guidelines that help build character and integrity "within" based on the choices one should make as a high school athlete, and that set good, sound, ethical examples for other students in the community to follow.

What is most surprising, as well as disappointing, is not necessarily this common issue of athletic code violations but the sheer lack of thought and foresight that went into some of the comments published below the news story I am referencing. Here, take a look at a few:

"My gosh these same people that are in charge of our schools probably did the same thing when they were in school. I know I did I partied and I smoked. And had a heck of a good time ... This is a waste of tax payers money to go after silly things like this. Schools should be schools and let the parents be the parents.."

"As a parent of two teenage daughters I feel these schools are out of control. It would be my job as the parent to punish my daughters not the schools. Hope these kids sue the school district and the person who turned over the photo's"

"How did our society turn into such a Nazi state. What these
kids did is none of the schools business. The lowlife dirt bag that turned them
in should be arrested for invasion of privacy. We have become a nation of spies
and rats."

"Have the staff at this school forgotten stuff they have done when they were in high school? This is ridiculous!!"

"What students do outside of school and school-sponsored events is no business of the schools. This is a matter for parents and law enforcement."

"This is ridiculous! Granted, if you are taking pictures at a party keep em private. Secondly, the school is overreaching their bounds by prosecuting any parents or Social Host law enforcement. And what hypocrites anyone who punishes kids for doing the same "activities" that they had done in their time. I can see a handful of games and extra laps around the field, but a strict 60% of the season???? Once again Massachusetts, do as i say not as i do, nothing to see here folks move along..."

Seriously!!! These could not actually be written by adults, could they??? People responsible for raising productive individuals so they can go out and become positive contributors to society, and/or old enough to know better.

Using the same mentality that the commenters I quoted above are using, it then should be OK for students, and student athletes, to drive drunk, smoke pot, try a little cocaine, maybe some heroin, have unprotected, promiscuous sex, maybe even get pregnant, just because those are behaviors (mistakes) other adults in charge (maybe even their parents) did when they were younger.

Boy, that makes a lot of sense.

Well, if you want to know why the issue in this piece continues to be an issue, maybe it's because the mentality out there from some adults isn't much different than the level of the kids breaking the rules.



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