Burroughs High School Baseball Coach Gives Beer To Student Athletes Ending Their Season

With the number of years I have taught and coached (30+ years teaching and 17 coaching), with many as a head coach, it never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of some people, especially those who should know better.

Such a case of imbecilic behavior, downright ignorance really, took place recently at Burroughs High School in Burbank, California where an assistant baseball coach allegedly gave beer to his players during a team trip to Arizona. That's right, a coach!!! Someone in charge of, and responsible for, a group of student athletes under the legal drinking age of 21.

No, this wasn't the standard high school group of athletes who found some creative way to smuggle or purchase beer while on a road trip, sneak it in and consume it, all with some level of fear of being caught and suffering the consequences of an athletic code violation. That would have been bad enough. However, in this particular situation, it was all done with the support and encouragement of one of the high school coaches. Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up. Here, take a look: 

Article: Burroughs High baseball coach allegedly gave players beer   

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Article: High School Baseball Coaches Fired After Players Were Severved Beer  

I am not going to take issue with the firing of all the coaches, even the ones who allegedly were not aware of the situation as it occurred, nor will I address the two-day suspension of the students who knew about the drinking but showed sound character by not participating in the consumption of illegal substances. There just isn't enough information in the above video, or in its accompanying article, to determine on which side of the fence I might fall. Heck, I can't get past the fact that a coach actually [allegedly] gave them the beer.

For me, this was a new one, with the coach being party to this illegal behavior. I hope this assistant coach enjoyed his stint coaching high school baseball because his coaching career of this age group, and younger, is pretty much over. At least I would hope that it is.





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