High School Sports: High School & Private Coaches At Odds

Twenty or thirty years ago, the high school coach (in almost every sport) was the main, and sometimes only, source for technical sports training available to the high school athlete. And most of the "coaching" was done during the season with some offseason training (for some sports), all handled by the coaching staff of the sport the athlete played.

Fast forward to today and you have private technical coaches, personal conditioning/training coaches, AAU and club teams, etc., etc. You name it, they have it. In fact it's become big business as the private coaching, training, club industry has exploded with facilities available for just about anything imaginable.

This newer phenomena has raised some definite issues, and friction, between the high school coaches and outside private and club coaches, as different philosophies and techniques used to train, condition, and teach skills to athletes collide. Throw in the high school athletes themselves (especially with their tendency to see things only in black or white, no grey), and their parents, and you have a quagmire of scenarios that can develop, not all of which are positive.

The relationship between all of these parties can get pretty tricky at times, especially when egos enter the picture, as each one holds a position of importance. This was the topic of the day last Sunday, March 13th, on the Let Them Play radio show hosted by Coach Tony (Tony Fiorino) out of Westchester, New York. His guest, "personal baseball and softball trainer" Dan Gray; both Dan and Coach Tony spent the hour addressing this timely issue and entertaining phone calls (one by yours truly, video #2), emails, and offering suggestions to help.

Whether you're a parent, high school or private coach, athlete, or combination of these, there is something for everyone in the conversation presented in the imbedded videos below.

Part I 

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Important Note:  ESPN Radio in Connecticut has picked up Coach Tony's show and will be broadcasting it on Saturdays at 9:00 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, from Connecticut and its affiliate WPUT in Putnam County, NY. The show has been retitled Hey Coach Tony! and will start airing on Saturday, April 2nd. For more details go HERE.

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