Player Removal Rule For Youth Basketball League In Southern California: POLL

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Guest Poll From:  Ray Lokar

In the second part of Maintain Good Sportsmanship in Youth & High School Sports Using "Mismatch Etiquette" I mention the new Player Removal Rule adopted by a youth basketball league in southern California. A rule they implemented in order to try and keep differences in game scores in check.

12.1 REMOVAL OF TOP PLAYERS - If the mercy rule is in effect at the start of, or any time during the 5th period, it is mandatory for the opposing coach to select a maximum of three (3) players to sit out the balance of the game or until the in the score of the game is 15 points or less. Eligible substitutes must be available and the removal of players cannot force a team to play with less than five (5) players.

My opinion on the topic is detailed in the link to Part II of the article above, however, I think it is worthwhile to open this up to other opinions, thus, the poll listed below. Take a moment to vote and let's see how this all pans out.


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