Good Sportsmanship Is Demonstrated Through The "Character" Of One's Choices

In the aftermath of Masson Holland's physical abuse of the basketball referee highlighted here, Unsportsmanlike Behavior At Its Absolute Worst In A Florida High School Basketball Game, and my recent posts on steroid and performance-enhancement substances, I am inclined to bring something a little more positive to the table.

This particular story, one of ultimate good sportsmanship and fair play (and one I've referenced before), happened in the spring of 2008 in a college softball game between two rivals atop the Great Northwest Athletic Conference. As fate would have it, the highlight of this story was not going to be the game itself, nor its meaning, but on an incident that happened to a batter and the powerful choices made by two players of the opposing team.

This story, one best told by the actual people involved in it (video below), stands light years away from Masson's actions in that basketball game.

It really, truly, does not get any better than this when it comes to good sportsmanship

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