Parents Gone Bad: Fight Breaks Out At Youth Football Game

Not that long ago I had the opportunity to talk with Tony Fiorino, host of the Let Them Play radio show (in Westchester, New York), about a confrontation he had with a parent from an opposing team after some flagrant play aimed at his daughter.

Tony was able to circumvent the situation and walk away, realizing that nothing would really be gained by any physical confrontation. However, it could easily have gone the other way.

Well such was NOT the case in Evansville, Indiana where a large group of adults fighting after an altercation between two youth participants. The story is highlighted in Evansville, Fight erupts at youth sports game, and, Several Hundred Involved in Fight at Football Game (news video here). The fight was bad enough that one woman was taken away in an "ambulance to the hospital" having had "clumps of hair" ripped from her scalp.

Ok, "several hundred adults," really??? And fist-a-cuffs in front of kids and bystanders at a youth sports game???

Well, based on the current loss of perspective in sports and youth sports that has seemed to gain momentum over the last several decades, this certainly won't be the last time tempers flare and people will be "hurt" at a youth sports event.

And I am not just talking about the type of physical harm befalling this one mom, but the inner harm that occurs when impressionable youth are exposed to this type of violence.

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