Drew Brees, A True Sports Hero In The Making: Man, We Sure Could Use One

I would have great difficulty putting into words the feelings I had as I watched the full Drew Brees interview by Steve Croft on 60 minutes a week ago. It moved me enough to write a piece on the goalpost challenge Drew accepted from Mr. Croft, titled Drew Brees KNOWS what it takes, just ask Steve Croft of 60 Minutes!!! (Out this past Tuesday.)

However, my article is only on a small part of what Mr. Brees is all about. There is more to his story, a lot more. And rather than foolishly attempt to write all the positive, meaningful, and inspiring things I see going on with him in this interview, I felt it best to just encourage you see it for yourself.

(Please excuse the commercials) 


As the title states, "Drew Brees, A True Sports Hero In The Making," need I say more?

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