Autistic Player Scores: High School Football Coach & Team Make A Dream Come True

Last February, as the Tiger Woods debacle continued to unfold, I wrote an article (The Tiger Woods Apology: Please, Enough is Enough!!!) depicting how absurd it was to be giving such elaborate attention and airtime to his story of infidelity. Especially when there are so many more positive sports-related stories out there, ones with real depth and meaning behind them.

It was in this piece that I highlighted just such a story, certainly one that trumps (many times over) any of Tiger's recent exploits. It was about a very special football player from Downers Grove South High School and the "gift" his teammates and coach gave him last season, the kind of gift that one does not soon forget. The athlete was Danny Catalano, and he is autistic.

Rather than duplicate my previous story (link above), or reiterate the abc7NEWS story, Autistic student puts up points for football team, I think it best to let the story tell itself in the embedded video below.


(15 sec. commercial first)



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