Wow, A Little League Baseball Injury Turns Ugly - Lawsuit Pending

WKYC TV in Cleveland Ohio reports that a father is suing an opposing team's coach after the coach allegedly told his pitcher to throw at the father's son on his second bunt attempt during a game this past June. The pitch hit the batter, breaking two bones in his hand.


Here, check it out:

WKYC TV:  Youth baseball coach, league sued after player is hit by pitch



As I read through the story on, Youth baseball coach, league sued after player is hit by pitch, and watched the attached video link above, two thoughts came to mind.

First, if what was alleged, that the opposing assistant coach told his pitcher to throw at the batter, turns out to be true - how crazy is that? You mean to tell me there isn't a "legal," within-the-rules, ethical choice that the fielding team, and their coach, could use to defend a suicide bunt? Seriously, I am not even a baseball coach and know that there is.

WILLIAMSPORT, PA - AUGUST 24:  Peyton McLemore #18 of the Southwest bats against pitcher Takumi Ozeki #18 of Japan during the Little League World Series Consolation game at Volunteer Stadium on August 24, 2008 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Japan defeated the Southwest 4-3.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

And second, why is it that some feel the need to take a situation like this to court. I understand the father is a lawyer, but isn't there (if allegations are proven true) a better way to handle this circumstance rather than having to sue?

I mean, did the father report the incident to the league hoping for disciplinary action? If he did, what did the league do? If not, why not?

Are there league rules set up to deal with unsportsmanlike conduct from an opposing coach? Rules that help determine who pays medical expenses if this behavior did in fact cause injury.

And what if the allegations are exaggerated? Does this not smell intensely of what many term a frivolous lawsuit? Again, the father is a lawyer!!!

I am sure all the facts are not in yet, however, based on what we know - What are your thoughts???

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