Rate My Prose on Blackhawks' Jonathan Toews & Leadership

Rate My Prose on Blackhawks' Jonathan Toews & Leadership
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I was recently introduced to the idea (and neat little internet gizmo from twiigs.com) of creating voting polls for blog posts - thanks, James and Jimmy.

Some of you may be familiar with these polls, but me - not so much; at least not as an independent entity that you can create yourself, and then place within a post (and no I don't live under a rock).

I would like to give this bad boy a shot and open up the opportunity for you to rate the content I post. On Monday of this week I submitted a piece on leadership titled Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews Knows Leadership. With Toews as their captain, the Blackhawks had a tremendous season (ending, of course, with a Stanley Cup win), so he seemed a perfect fit for this piece.

My question is as follows:


From time to time I will post similar polls relating to our current sports culture (about which I love to write) or some hot sports topic of the day. Maybe even create a "motivational quote of the day" post where I put up a successful sports personality's inspirational quote leaving you the opportunity to give easy feedback with just a click of the mouse.

Please feel free to offer up your opinion or suggestions; comments are always welcome.


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