Patrick Kane: Got to love this kid!!!

I don't know about you, but I just loved the interview of Pat Kane on Chicago Breaking Sports News regarding the loss to Canada for the gold medal. Many will not understand the idea of being disappointed over a silver medal in the Olympics, but, as Kane states in the interview, they did not go to take 2nd. His, and probably the teams', feelings are very evident in Kane'sdemeanor and tone of voice throughout the interview.

Athletes, especially great ones, are a funny breed when it comes to accepting something less than what they originally set out to do. Things like that tend to fester. They are apt to stay with a person for a while, and many times create a deep desire (within) for more.

Canada may want to count its blessing, for that game we witnessed this past Sunday, February 28, may very well mean something more for the US Hockey Team in the Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi Russia. Like Kane said in the interview, it is one thing to play for your team and represent your city in the NHL, it is quite another when you represent your country on the biggest stage on earth.


Patrick Kane Interview from WGN/Tribune Chicago Breaking Sports News


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