DeadstockV1 and Relic The Bully pull out all of the stops on "MANIA"

DeadstockV1 and Relic The Bully pull out all of the stops on "MANIA"

Few Chicago hip-hop artists are capable of exuding the lyrical mastery that DeadstockV1 and Relic The Bully have demonstrated on the mic. But, what happens when you put both of them on the same track? The answer lies in their new single, "MANIA," which can only be described as utterly brilliant.

The instrumental is some of the most hyped production I have heard all year. There's a mean grumble in the bass that is quite menacing, and the percussion hits are earth shattering when listened to up close on a pair of headphones. The backdrop is nothing but pure energy.

Deadstock pulls out all of the stops on this one, playing around with his rhyme scheme, deliveries and vocal inflections in a way he never has before. As expected, his wordplay is clever and razor sharp. There is so much going on in his vocal performance that it takes a few listens to truly catch everything, but that is all part of the fun.

Relic shows up with a flow that is a bit smoother than his counterpart, but no less gritty. He matches Deadstock bar for bar, making all his braggadocio look effortless. One of the true highlights of Relic's performance is how creative he gets with shaping and bending syllables, making them work to his liking.

Dope lyrics and great flows are a given anytime DeadstockV1 and Relic The Bully show up on a track. With them, you're going to get so much more than the fundamentals of what it takes to be a compelling hip-hop artist. On "MANIA," however, they have truly outdone themselves in checking every single box of a true wordsmith in today's vibrant hip-hop landscape. And when the two of them show up on same track, nothing but sheer "MANIA" ensues.


"MANIA" is now available on all platforms. Stream it here:

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