Radcliff Music flexes his lyrical chops on "Quarantine Bars"

Radcliff Music flexes his lyrical chops on "Quarantine Bars"

One of the few positives coming out of a time like this is all of the work being created by artists who find themselves in isolation. When a creative is allotted solitude and time to create, only good things happen. One such artist who's been productive with his time indoors is Radcliff Music, whose new single, "Quarantine Bars," sees the veteran Chicago spitter at the top of his game.

The instrumental is incredibly smooth. The humming synth chords are pleasant, making their presence known without overstaying their welcome. The trap percussion sets a firm pace, balancing out the quieter instrumental elements quite nicely.

Radcliff brings his usual dose of hard-hitting lyrical honesty. His easygoing demeanor adds a lot of depth to the heavy subject matter he brings to the table, reminding his peers that he can destroy anyone with ease. Just because the world is effectively at a standstill does not mean that Radcliff is sleeping on his own craft.

"Quarantine Bars" is yet another gem from an artist who's been at it for years. Radcliff Music has been around the block a few times within the Chicago scene, but that doesn't mean he isn't willing to fuck up younger artists on the mic if he has to. Not that anyone is likely to challenge him anytime soon, but consider "Quarantine Bars" a clear warning shot -- a sign that he is not to be messed with.


"Quarantine Bars" is now available on Soundcloud. Stream it here: https://soundcloud.com/radcliffmusic/quarantine-bars

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