Sareem Poems and Newselph Deliver Another Gem on "Freedom"

Sareem Poems and Newselph Deliver Another Gem on "Freedom"

Indie rap extraordinaries Sareem Poems and Newselph have been regulars on City of Wind since the very beginning. They've always favored traditionally soulful instrumentation and content-heavy lyricism over making hits, and that recipe has served them well. The duo have linked for another gem, this one coming in the form of a new single called "Freedom."

Newselph comes through with yet another killer instrumental. The slithering synth chords set a really pretty backdrop, and the boom bap drums are sharp and hard-hitting. Topping things off are the beautiful strings piercing through during the hook.

Lyrically, Sareem Poems shows his vulnerable side, reflecting on a myriad of family issues he has faced in the past. He bares the thick skin of a soldier, proving to the listener he has the strength to make it through anything. There is a sense of escapism Sareem weaves through his bars; he sounds as if he is searching for something he can find comfort in during tumultuous times.

With "Freedom," Sareem Poems and Newselph have yet another quality single under their belts. And while they may not have any chart-topping hits, that is the least of their concern. Instead of jockeying for name recognition in the oversaturated airwaves of mainstream hip-hop, these two are much more content in riding the wave of stability they have already created for themselves. These dudes are more than with simply happy sticking around making quality music as long as the rap game will have them.

"Freedom" is now available on all platforms.

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