Morgan Gold Finds Contentment on "Shade"

Morgan Gold Finds Contentment on "Shade"

Morgan Gold spent 2019 treading uncertain waters in search of a path to shore. The trauma she openly grappled with in her music left her battered down and unresolved, unsure of what was to come next. On "Shade," her first release of 2020, she appears closer than ever to slaying her demons, even if it's just for a brief moment.

The production on "Shade" continues the nocturnal, atmospheric vibes of Gold's previous work. The spacey synth chords create an enveloping backdrop while the percussion sets a slow, intimate pace. There's a minimalist feel to this instrumental, but every working part does its job quite nicely.

Lyrically, "Shade" finds Gold in a brighter headspace than usual. Through a subdued set of vocals, she finds solace in the assurance of a human companion; they're content with letting the problems of the world melt into the abyss, even if they have no one but each other to latch onto.

With "Shade," Gold hasn't necessarily found happiness. But for a moment, she has finally achieved contentment. Her discography is proof that healing is a nonlinear process -- an endless series of steps one must take to ultimately free themselves from what once held them captive.

"Shade" is now available on all platforms.


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