Carlito Goes Absolutely Insane on "Majesty"

Carlito Goes Absolutely Insane on "Majesty"

Carlito is back with a brand new installment in his ongoing #Lito12fo12 series, this time in the form of an insane new track called Majesty.

The instrumental on Majesty is bat shit crazy. Laying the foundation of this beat is the frenetic string section that loops throughout the song. The melodic lines have a choppy staccato feel which adds a lot of character, and the percussion adds a lot of body.

Carlito's vocal performance is one of the most over the top that I have heard all year. His verses build up with intensity, boiling over into the chorus where he is quite literally screaming. His flow is full of conviction and his bars are animated and filled with witty braggadocio.

Carlito has brought his A game on every single track I have heard from him. His #Lito12fo12 series covers a diverse array of different sounds and lyrical styles, but Majesty is easily the most contagious and over the top yet. Take a listen a below.


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