Storyteller Mace Delves into Family Issues on "Good 4 Us"

Storyteller Mace Delves into Family Issues on "Good 4 Us"

Yet another artist is making their City of Wind debut. This time, it's Storyteller Mace with his brand new single, Good 4 Us. 

Produced by Mace himself, the instrumental is moody and heartfelt. The chord progression in the synths is stunningly pretty, and there's a lot of variety in the bass, as it switches between syncopated hits and a slow, legato grumble. There's not too much going on here, but Mace creates the perfect atmosphere for the serious subject matter that's at hand.

In terms of lyrical content, Good 4 Us shows that Storyteller Mace is not afraid to be vulnerable on a track. He delves deep into ongoing family issues, painting a vivid portrait of the love he has for his daughter and the problems he has had with his ex-partner. His delivery is smooth yet emotive, never lacking in conviction. Despite all of the venting, he seems to come to the conclusion that everything will be alright in the end.

Storyteller Mace is an artist who didn't show up on my radar until recently. However, with his vivid, personable lyricism and how well he sees a mood with his beats, he is definitely a hidden gem in the Windy City music scene.


Good 4 Us is now available on Youtube. Give it a listen here:

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