Musa Reems Pens a Thoughtful Letter on "To Whom It May Concern" EP

Musa Reems Pens a Thoughtful Letter on "To Whom It May Concern" EP
Cover Art by @cjackii

Signed, sealed and delivered.

Musa Reems is back to gift our ears once again, this time in the form of a letter. His brand new EP, To Whom It May Concernis a four-track manuscript that serves as an ode to his past, his peers and of course, the city he grew up in.

The opening title track is poetic and self-reflective. Over a laid-back, jazzy beat, Reems lets us know he doesn't care what anyone thinks. He's going to put in the work, knowing that the wins will stack up by themselves. Lyrically, he's looking inward more than ever, and he sounds even more confident while doing it.

The mood switches up abruptly on the 2nd track, "Nothing New." This beat is much more dark and menacing, these sentiments best defined by the piano riff that loops throughout. Reems attacks this beat with the sense of passion that has become a hallmark of his style. He's calling out critics and fake supporters here, particularly people who claim to be down for the hang but are nowhere to be found when the situation comes calling.

The darker vibe of the previous track continues on the 3rd number, "Zombies." Over another grim instrumental, Reems shares the stage with none other than Chicago mainstay Mick Jenkins -- and they do not disappoint. Jenkins takes on the first verse, weaving his bars together with some clever wordplay and a cooled out flow. Reems comes in right after with an undying sense of urgency, ripping out a manic triplet flow in the middle of his verse. It is really something.

On the closing track, "Best Regards," Reems kicks everything up yet another notch. He paints a vivid picture of what it's like growing up on the West Side of Chicago, depicting it as forgotten and severely lacking in resources. He faces the hands he was dealt head on, musing on how far he has come.

Over the course of these four tracks, Musa Reems sounds more content than ever before. He is a man who has put all of his trials and tribulations into perspective, channeling his personal growth into song in a way that is mature and organic. His wordplay is stellar, his delivery holds more passion than ever, and he has once again shown that he can hold his own over the course of an entire project. Letters are often meant to be confessional, and on To Whom It May Concern, Reems is professing that he is here to stay.


To Whom It May Concern is now available on all streaming platforms, and can be streamed here:


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