mohit Keeps it Jazzy and Lo-fi on "I Can't Move"

mohit Keeps it Jazzy and Lo-fi on "I Can't Move"

mohit is making his ChicagoNow debut with his new single, "I Can't Move," and he's flying right out the gate with this one.

Produced by Trebonious, the vibe of this track is low-key and minimalistic. The guitar sample that loops throughout creates a jazzy foundation and the offbeat bass hits add a lot of rhythmic subtlety. At face value, this beat comes off as skeletal, but the space created between all of its moving parts create a vibe that is hazy and intoxicating.

mohit demonstrates loads of versatility through his vocal performance. The way he croons out the hook blends right in the with the foggy vibe of the track, as he adds another layer of murkiness. mohit gets busy rhyming on here as well. Making use of a blunted sounding triplet flow, he muses on all of the complicated situations he has found himself in with art school girls, painting a conflicted portrait of hesitation and infatuation.

Whether mohit will figure out these art school girls, only time will tell. However, one listen to this track and it becomes immediately apparent that he HAS figured out how to translate his conflicted emotions into song. And that is something worth celebrating.

I Can't Move is out now on all platforms. Take a listen below.

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