Janet Blackwell Tries To Pick Up The Pieces On "Still Looking"

Janet Blackwell Tries To Pick Up The Pieces On "Still Looking"

What is one to do when they find themselves stripped of all sense of familiarity?

For singer Janet Blackwell, the answer is searching for consolation in anything that will keep her spirits up, even if just for a moment. Her new single, Still Looking, is an authentic look at what it means to try and pick up the pieces when all that once made sense is now lost and broken.

Instrumentally, Still Looking finds honesty in minimalism and improvisational spirit. The piano lines cascade downward like tear drops. The foundation set by the double bass adds a layer of depth that carries this song forward, adding a lot of color. There is an endearing sense of conversation taking place between the piano and bass playing that adds a raw sense of emotion to this song. It serves as the perfect complement to Janet Blackwell’s vocal performance as she places her soul on wax for the entire world to see.

Blackwell is second to none when it comes to conveying how she truly feels. Her lyrics are blunt, getting right to the core of whatever emotion she is feeling at a given time. She appears wounded and confused. However, there is a tinge of optimism here. Maybe — just maybe — she realizes that better days are ahead.

With Still Looking, Janet Blackwell is indeed searching for something. Or someone. Whatever it is, it is clear that she is trying to accept the notion that heartbreak can open new doors, even though she only sounds convinced about half of the time. At points on this song, the grief is consuming her. However, her inner-strength, her fortitude and passion for discovery are all there. And sometimes, that’s all you need.

Still Looking is now available on all streaming platforms.


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