DJ Heily B Explores a Myriad of Different Sounds on "Electronic Dancing Music" EP

DJ Heily B Explores a Myriad of Different Sounds on "Electronic Dancing Music" EP

DJ Heily B is making his City of Wind debut with his brand new record, Electronic Dancing Music. Over the course of this project, the Windy City DJ fuses together a diverse blend of sounds and moods without losing momentum or cohesiveness throughout.

Electronic Dancing Music opens up with the psychedelic jam, "Forget a Day." Heily B's melodic lines are vivid and intoxicating, drawing the listener in more and more with each spin. Adding to the moodiness of this cut is the ethereal female vocal sample floating over the top. It's the perfect addition to an already cloudy opening number.

The 2nd track, "Divide," picks up right where "Forget a Day" left off. The same vocalist appears here once again, and Heily B also expands upon the melodic riffs from the first track. Everything opens up a bit more here, and it shows Heily B's ability to build off of his ideas.

There is a bit of a mood switch-up on the third track, "Respect." As opposed to the first two songs, which were mainly driven by the melody, this song is a lot more bass-heavy and atonal. Despite being relatively stripped back in comparison to the first two songs, there is an unmistakable feeling of intensity on "Respect" that pushes the momentum of this project forward.

Closing out Electronic Dancing Music is the fourth track, "Service." This one starts out with the same energy and momentum that the previous song left off with, expect here, everything is kicked up a notch. It is in the middle of this track where the climax of Electronic Dancing Music kicks into full effect, and the all of the pressure built up over the entirety of this record comes to a head. The closing moments of this project are filled to the brim with chaos and destruction, and the fall out is beautiful.

On Electronic Dancing Music, DJ Heily B explores a wide variety of colors, moods and aesthetics. Some moments are more ethereal and melodic, while others are more driven by an organic mixture of heavy bass and atmospheric sounds that travel outside the realm of pitch. How Heily B threads this entire project together is this ever-present feeling of momentum that continually grows as this project rolls on, ultimately resulting in an epic climax near the end.


Electronic Dancing Music is now available on all streaming platforms. Listen to it on Soundcloud here:

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