Brittney Carter Drops off a Pair of New Singles

Brittney Carter Drops off a Pair of New Singles
Cover Art by @cookie.kwan

Despite being one of the biggest up-and-comers in Chicago hip-hop for a minute now, Brittney Carter has not yet appeared on The Artists' Report. However, that finally changes today as she is back to grace our ears with not ONE but TWO new singles.

Both joints -- Side A: Back Then and Side B: The Signs -- were produced by Nascent. The instrumentals on both of these tracks utilize a jazzy, soulful boombap sound that are a call back to hip-hop's roots.

Given the similarity in lyrical content between these two tracks, there is a possibility they are connected conceptually. Side A is a nostalgia-heavy cut which sees Brittney musing fondly on a former flame. On Side B, she takes on a bit more of a hostile tone, spewing her closely held thoughts on rockier experiences she has shared with who could be the same love interest.

Regardless, Carter bodies both tracks in this two-song set. Her flow is as smooth as water coming out of a faucet, and her imagery is clear and descriptive as always. Carter's willingness to wear her heart on her sleeve continues to be her biggest strength as she is hitting as hard as ever with on both of these new tracks.

Back Then and The Signs can be streamed via the link below, and are not yet available on all platforms.

Stream both new singles here:

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