Amaré Symone Creates an Intimate Atmosphere on "Ellips"

Amaré Symone Creates an Intimate Atmosphere on "Ellips"

Fresh off of the release of her vulnerable single Insecure, Amare Symoné is back with a new single called Ellips. 

And with this one, she is back sounding better than ever.

Produced by Jadon,  this instrumental is drop dead gorgeous. The jazz guitar sample that kicks off the song is melodic and dreary, and the big band horns create a wintry backdrop. This intro cascades into an atmosphere of suits and ties and smoke-filled backrooms. The tearjerking saxophone loop floats smoothly over the dense rhythm section, which has nothing but time on its hands.

Symoné's vocals are soft and whispy on Ellips. The command she has on her voice is such that it doesn't take much in the way of volume for her to get her points across. Despite the intimate aspect of her voice, Symoné's vocal performance is still passionate and emotive.

Lyrically, Symoné is every bit as vulnerable here as she was on Insecure. However, the vantage point on Ellips is different, as she often toes the line between anger, smugness and reflection towards an ex-lover. Symoné balances a wide range of emotion across the track in a manner that is neat and concise.

On Ellips, Amare Symoné is back and sounding better than ever. The instrumental is jazzy, melodic and intimate, setting the perfect backdrop for Symoné to explore a galaxy of different emotions, never losing a cohesive song structure in the process.

Ellips is now available on Soundcloud and Audiomack. Stream the song here:

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