Album Review: 1hittwonder Shows Growth and Evolution on "Pain and Passion"

Album Review: 1hittwonder Shows Growth and Evolution on "Pain and Passion"

It's been quite awhile since 1hittwonder (formerly Hittmaker) has appeared here on City of Wind. however, that changes today with the release of his brand new album, Pain and Passion.

And with this brand new project, 1hittwonder is defining what it truly means for an artist to reinvent themselves. On previous albums, 1hittwonder made a name for himself with his catchy, lo-fi trap sound. He frequently fused in elements of cloud rap that gave his instrumentals a hazy, intoxicating vibe.

However, on Pain and Passion, he is back with a whole new aesthetic, one that encapsulates a lot more depth and emotion.

Pain and Passion features a lot more live instrumentation than 1hittwonder's previous work. From the opening intro track, it's the emotive piano lines that drive this project forward. Over the course of the album's 12 tracks, 1hittwonder is consistently taking himself out of his comfort zone, building on his melodies and stretching them out as far as he possibly can.

The live pianos give Pain and Passion somewhat of a barebones, back-to-basics sound. However, with 1hittwonder seemingly way more focused on melody this time around, this simple approach works wonders for him.

1hittwonder still incorporates a lot of elements of trap music here, but his sound has evolved on that front as well. While the percussion still drives his beats forward in a similar manner, his synth lines are much more melodic than in his previous work, following in a similar emotional tone as the pianos. He creates a perfect marriage between the live pianos and the electric sound in the synths, which ultimately form an undeniable sense of cohesion throughout the album.

Standing at 12 tracks and 37 minutes in length, Pain and Passion has no guest artists whatsoever; 1hittwonder put the spotlight squarely on himself. With this album focusing way more on emotion and melody, it is clear that he was much more focused on making an artistic statement instead of making a project full of hits. How 1hittwonder ties this project together is how well he builds off and embellishes the melodic lines from track-to-track, and the relationship that is formed between the synths and live pianos.

All of that being said, 1hittwonder shows an incredible amount of growth with this record. He proves he is much more than a producer who can craft a catchy single; he can craft an entire album that is insular, cohesive and enjoyable from front to back.

And if one is to have any longevity whatsoever in today's music industry, that skill is a must have.

Pain and Passion is now available on all streaming platforms.


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