Zoofunkyou Serves Up Some Down Home Soul On "Get Closer"

Zoofunkyou Serves Up Some Down Home Soul On "Get Closer"

There aren't too many songs I've covered this year that make me want to get up and dance quite the same way that Zoofunkyou's new single Get Closer does. From the grandiose horn lines to the impassioned vocal melodies, this song is an absolute cooker from start to finish.

The grooves in the instrumental section are absolutely infectious. The drum and guitar lines are quite relaxed, leaving a lot of room for the horn lines to breath. The horns are lively and full of spirit. Though they consistently keep the energy going throughout, they show a wide range of dynamics which adds a ton of musical depth.

The vocal performance is pretty irresistible too. Much like the horns, the vocalist shows an extensive dynamic range, using lots of different vocal inflections as he meanders through many different peaks and valleys. His vocals are emotive and never lacking in passion, demonstrating his ability to sell every every word in a given song with equal value. His vocal delivery on the chorus is a particular highlight as he croons with James Brown levels of attitude and enthusiasm.

Zoofunkyou has been tearing it up on the independent circuit for some time now. Their ability to catch lightning in a bottle with the catchiness and immediacy that permeates their music is truly an art, and it's amazing how cohesively these guys move as a unit. Not to mention, they're keeping genres such as funk and r&b alive and thriving in the process.

Get Closer is now available on all platforms.

Stream Get Closer on Youtube here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFa8bZWoZeo

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