Carlito Comes Correct On His New Single "Help"

Carlito Comes Correct On His New Single "Help"

Carlito is back with another installment in his ongoing #Lito12fo12 series, this one coming in the form of a new single entitled Help.

The beat on here gives me major throwback vibes. The boom bap drums knock hard, sounding like something straight of the 90's East Coast scene. The bass knocks are heavy, hitting at a constant, rhythmic pace, and how quickly they fade out shows an excellent use of dynamics here. The synths are jazzy and the ascending chord progressions add a lot of color as well.

Instead of utilizing the usual verse-chorus-verse formula, Carlito does nothing but drop straight bars throughout the entire song. It takes a certain amount of skill to be able to hold the listener's attention like this for 4+ minutes, but that's exactly what Carlito does here. His rhymes are gritty and honest, his flow and delivery oozing with confidence.

Help is yet another exciting installment in Carlito's #Lito12fo12 series. His series shows a lot of diversity in all of the different bases he covers, and should easily appeal to hip-hop fans of all different backgrounds.

Give Help a listen by clicking on the link below.

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