ANDIE's "Let It Go" Music Video Thrives In Minimalism And Raw Honesty

ANDIE's "Let It Go" Music Video Thrives In Minimalism And Raw Honesty

How much glitz and glamour are needed for a music video to tell a story in a manner that is compelling?

If one is paying delicate attention to detail, I would argue that minimalism would suffice.

I do not know if this is the effect that Chicago singer-songwriter ANDIE was going for, but either way, the minimalism and raw aesthetic on the newly released music video for her song "Let It Go" tells the story of this track in a way that fits the barebones emotion of the song itself.

I wrote briefly about this song during my review of her "Over It" EP, which can be read here. But as a refresher, "Let It Go" is the intro track off of that project, a song that sees ANDIE dealing with the ups and downs of a relationship over a bluesy bass line and a spaced out set of piano chords.

Nearly the entire music video plays out in front of a murky gray backdrop. On the surface, it may seem like there isn't a lot going on here. Some of the shots see ANDIE smoking cigarettes and romanticizing with a lover, while other shots see her staring rather blankly into the camera singing the lyrics.

However, there's a progression that plays out here, and this is where the true artistry of this video really comes out.

Smiles, laughs and affection slowly turn to yelling and pushing. Simultaneously, the song takes an increasingly weirder, more desolate tone in lyrics and imagery. Adding to the chilling aesthetics here are the shots where ANDIE is accompanied by three entities dressed in red. On the surface, they simply play the roll of ANDIE's backing vocalists as everyone croons in synchrony. However, while I still grapple with what the presence of these three entities might specifically represent, it certainly adds to the haunting vibe this music video gives off. One possibility might be that these entities serve as ANDIE's conscience, as she seems to question herself more and more as the song goes on. However, this is only one interpretation in which I could be way off on, and nevertheless, they certainly add a lot of depth to the shots here.

Heartbreak and uncertainty are the most raw emotions humans can feel. They are never sugarcoated; the feeling is so real and unmistakable that only the most honest of tones can justify how much they can encapsulate the human spirit, jarring it to its core. ANDIE bares nothing but rawness and honesty both in vocal performance and how she tells this story on camera. The shots here are raw and stripped back, letting the story play out for itself. When it comes to grappling with the most extreme of human emotion, it turns out that minimalism does the job just fine.

The music video for "Let It Go" is now available on Youtube, and can be viewed here:


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