T Star Verse Makes Her ChicagoNow Debut With "Levitate"

T Star Verse Makes Her ChicagoNow Debut With "Levitate"

T Star Verse is making her ChicagoNow debut with her new single, "Levitate." With this one, she has come swaggering out of the gate.

The T.L. Williams produced instrumental is dark and murky. The bass makes its heavy presence felt underneath the snappy trap percussion. There is a sense of drive in this instrumental that complements T Star perfectly.

Lyrically, T Star balls out on this track, levitating on her haters. Her lines are bold and braggadocios, yet she delivers her lines with enough swagger and charisma that there is no reason to doubt her.

T Star shows a great deal of creativity here as well. She experiments with different rhyme schemes in her verses, switching them up with ease. She never lets the listener grow comfortable for more than a few bars before she is already switching things up.

Though she shows a great deal of technical skill here, T Star Verse also shows she knows how to craft a banger. Her verses ooze with quotables, and the hook is a true ear worm. She shows a sense of artistry that is beyond her years.

On "Levitate," T Star Verse captures the best of both worlds in how she balances her high-level technical skill with her knack for writing catchy verses and hooks. For these aforementioned reasons, along with the menacing beat from T.L. Williams, "Levitate" is one of the catchier songs you will hear this summer.

"Levitate" is now available on Soundcloud, and can be streamed by hitting the link below.


Listen to "Levitate" on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/tstarverse/levitate

Follow T Star Verse on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/tstarverse/

Follow T.L. Williams on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/tlwexperience/

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