Kevmane Pens a Heartfelt Love Letter on "Dear Rochelle"

Kevmane Pens a Heartfelt Love Letter on "Dear Rochelle"

How long does it take for somebody to fall in love?

That answer obviously depends on who you ask, but this new two minute, 29 second serenade by Kevmane entitled "Dear Rochelle" should be enough to win over even the most guarded of hearts.

The instrumental is a true mood-setter. The bass and percussion make their mark without being overbearing, and the piano fading in and out is gorgeous. A soulful vocal sample tops all of this off perfectly, and all of these elements come together to invoke images of candlelit dinners and walks on the beach.

Kevmane's vocals are sensual and delicate, adding to the soft vibe of the instrumental. He croons with passion and tranquility, as if he's whispering right into his lovers' ear. Despite the utilization of his inside voice, Kevmane shows a great deal of range and emotion in his vocals.

Kevmane also shows that songwriting is a true strength of his. His lines are poetic and startlingly detail-oriented as he muses on pretty lights and scary movies. There is a sense of sensuality in his verses that's utterly irresistible. How Kevmane puts that sentiment into words is the mark of a man who's truly in love.

It is unknown if "Dear Rochelle" is a love letter aimed towards a current love interest or a former flame, but it's one that tugs at your heart strings regardless. The instrumental is stunningly soft-spoken and soulful, and Kevmane's vocal performance is poetic and sensitive. Whoever this Rochelle is, she is one lucky woman.

"Dear Rochelle" is now available on all platforms.


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