Album Review: Kennyflowers Shows Loads of Versatility on “Joat”

Album Review: Kennyflowers Shows Loads of Versatility on “Joat”

From the moment I first pressed play on Kennyflowers' new project, which is entitled "Joat," I knew instantly that I was in for an infectious and fantastic listen.

Standing at just 9 tracks and 24 minutes in length, Kennyflowers leaves himself with no margin for error. However, between the dreamy, jazzed-out soundscapes, his versatile, introspective songwriting and his penchant for catchiness, Kennyflowers has come through with flying colors, making every second count on this short and to-the-point LP.

The vibe on this project stays pretty uniform throughout. The instrumentals are constantly laidback and playful, reeking of jazz and r&b influence. There are moments of pure beauty here as well, as tinkling, fluttering pianos and groovy melodic synth progressions can be heard all throughout this project.

Kennyflowers’ vocal performances fit the mood of the production to a T. He has a tendency to use his voice as an instrument all its own, often adding another layer over the already dense production. He’s using his inside voice all throughout this project, and as a listener, it’s easy to feel like you’re in a 1-on-1 conversation with flowers as he dissects all different aspects of his life right before your eyes.

When it comes to songwriting, Kennyflowers shows loads of versatility on Joat. On the albums’ first two tracks — “Yellow Lines” and “Favorite Jacket” — He’s adventurous and carefree, embracing a free-spirited way of life. However, on “Loneliness,” which appears much later on the track list, flowers comes off as vulnerable and stunningly self-deprecating. A duality is created here, as his somber moments come off just as well as his humorous, nonchalant moments.

However, despite the wide range of tone and emotion Kennyflowers presents here, there is a single common thread that weaves this entire project together: It’s one 24-minute long ear worm. Each and every song here has loads of replay value on its own. Every hook and every verse has the potential to get stuck in your head, showing that flowers is more than capable of crafting music that’s as catchy as it is creative.

This album is one that’s pretty easy to enjoy the shit out of. On the surface, it is easygoing and care-free, meaning one can certainly fall in love with it without paying too much attention. However, when one digs deeper into this album, there’s much more to admire. The jazzy instrumentation is a testament that Kennyflowers takes after some of the greatest musicians to ever do it, and the versatility of his songwriting shows he is developing a style all his own. If Joat is just the start, then there are three things that are certain in life: Death, taxes and the inevitable fact that Kennyflowers’ music career will stand the test of time.

“Joat” is now available on all platforms.

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