REALXTY And VAAZE Fight For Love On "Ven Acá"

REALXTY And VAAZE Fight For Love On "Ven Acá"

Few songs I've listened to this summer have made me want to bust a move in the way that REALXTY and VAAZE's new single has. This gem, which is entitled "Ven Acá," is a funky, latin-tinged trap banger that plays out as a couple fighting to win eachother over.

The instrumental, co-produced by REALXTY and VAAZE, features a tasteful mix of trap and latin influences. The percussion possesses the rhythmic pulse typical of a trap banger, but where it really shines is how it sounds when it meshes with the melodic waterfall that is the latin guitars. In a musical age where artists are free to be as creative and out there as they want, REALXTY and VAAZE are certainly capitalizing on the freedom that the current musical landscape gives them.

Lyrically, REALXTY is a man on a mission on this song. The love interest he is infatuated with is playing hard to get, but that doesn't deter him. REALXTY really shines here with his "show not tell" attitude towards his songwriting as he really paints a vivid picture of what it's like for a man who has to go above and beyond to win someone over.

VAAZE does a brilliant job of playing out the other character in this story. On the surface, she comes off as not interested in the person who is courting her, but she gives subtle lyrical nods that suggest she shows interest, thickening the plot in the process. Eventually, she finds her way home and the two seem like they're willing to try their hand at romance.

What really makes this song for me is how REALXTY and VAAZE play off each other in telling this story. Both artists paid attention to the structure and lyrical storylines that the other was conveying, and as a result, they crafted a story that is sensual, witty and intriguing. In doing this, they show a sense of artistry that is wise beyond their years, especially when taken into account how catchy this gem of a single is.

Ven Acá is now available on all platforms. Give it a listen by hitting the jump below.

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