Musa Reems Gets Personal on "Not Know"

Musa Reems Gets Personal on "Not Know"

Musa Reems is back with with a new single entitled "Not Know," which serves as the third installment in his ongoing "Musa Mondays" series.

Playing out as more of a personal and lo-fi jam than the two previous installments, Not Know serves as a nice switch-up from the hard-edged aesthetic of its predecessors.

The instrumental, produced by Masked Man, is jazzy and lush between the tranquility of the synths and soft percussion loop fading in and out. It's the type of beat that makes one look inward, which is exactly what Musa does on this track.

As he often does so well, Not Know sees Musa Reems painting vivid pictures of the harsh world he sees himself encapsulated in.

Reems' lyrics deal with loved ones who have succumbed to street violence, and he also comes to the haunting realization that he himself is not immune. Despite the dark and brutal honesty presented in a lot of lines here, Reems also acknowledges the fact that he has come a long way in the years since cutting classes as a child.

Though his flow and delivery are a bit more relaxed here, Reems is no less energetic. The sharp flare in his voice sounds every bit as passionate as his more upbeat tracks, once again staking his claim as one of the more honest MC's around.

With "Not Know," Musa Reems has yet another gem on his hands. If his output continues to be as honest and consistent as cuts like these, there should be no doubt that Musa Reems will continue to make a name for himself around the Windy City.

Not Know is now available on all platforms, and can be streamed on Soundcloud by hitting the link below.


Listen to "Not Know" on Soundcloud here:


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