Morgan Gold Fights for Sense of Self on "I've Seen Enough, I Know What It Does"

Morgan Gold Fights for Sense of Self on "I've Seen Enough, I Know What It Does"
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Morgan Gold is restless.

On Up All Night, the opening track off of her brand new EP I've Seen Enough, I Know What It Does, she is kept wide awake as the knife of her subconscious whittles away at any sense of stability left clinging inside of her head. She is tossing and turning as she bears the burden of past mistakes, but her regrets are consuming her.

Up All Night shows to be a beautiful thesis statement for the rest of the project both in aesthetic as well as in subject matter.

The lyrical themes deal with the slow and torturous process of one losing their sense of self-identity, and the freefall into the abyss of insanity that inevitably follows.

The instrumentation is dark, atmospheric and watery, invoking the sensation of someone submerged in a pitch black ocean trench, their demons pulling them closer and closer towards the sea bottom. This aesthetic plays out throughout the duration of this project as Gold comes apart more and more.

The 2nd track, Rebel, deals with bad coping mechanisms as well as Gold watching someone of great significance to her lose their sense of self. However, coupled with that is Gold herself being dragged down by that same person, and she is meeting the same fate. She seems to be aware of the toxicity between her and this love interest, yet she is using them as a coping mechanism and is unable to let go.

The 3rd track, Nobody's Home, sees finally Gold letting go of that person, only to realize that she is all alone with nothing but her demons. Though she encounters an inkling of self-awareness, that comes along with the crippling feeling of isolation and self-doubt, as Gold is ironically losing herself more and more.

The 4th track, Bathroom Tiles, is the emotional climax of the entire EP. By now, Gold is completely submerged in what haunts her, and she is unable to pick herself up off the bathroom floor. It is a true moment of reckoning for her, as she comes to the conclusion that she is unable to save herself. Instead, she is crying out in desperation in a futile attempt to be heard by anyone willing to lend an ear.

Gold comes to a moment of clarity on the closing track, I've Seen Enough. She has been immersed in her demons for long enough a period of time to finally realize what the fallout of drowning can do to ones' psyche.

However, the EP closes out on an unsettling note as Gold appears emotionally unresolved. She seems to acknowledge the fact that merely gaining a sense of clarity while in the midst of oblivion doesn't mean the healing process has necessarily begun.

 I've Seen Enough, I know What It Does serves as a harsh reminder that sometimes your demons will win. For Gold, this EP indicates that the journey towards healing will be a long, tedious process for her. However, at the very least, she should take solace in the fact that she exudes a sense of artistic maturity well beyond her years when it comes to translating her unresolved mental state into song.


I've Seen Enough, I Know What It Does is now available on all platforms.



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