Osa North Lets the Music Breath on "Osa North and The Holy Spirit of God" EP

Osa North Lets the Music Breath on "Osa North and The Holy Spirit of God" EP
Cover Art by @finished.studio

Osa North is back with his new "Osa North and The Holy Spirit of God" EP, and he is serving up a diverse array of sounds on this one.

The project kicks off with the soulful "Free You," which serves as a sensual ode to intimacy. North's vocals on this track are layered in such a way that they carry a sense of divinity, as if he is calling down from the heavens above. The instrumental here is rhythmic yet spacious, and Osa North does a brilliant job of filling in that space with his vocal delivery.

The 2nd track, "Debbz," is logical continuation of where "Free You" left off. North once again is crooning about that special someone, asking the listener if they have ever been in love. The instrumental here is more epic sounding. With soaring string sections and a sense of rhythmic pulse that build momentum by the end of the track, Osa North is showing more and more musicality with each project he brings to the table.

There is a drastic switch up on the third track, "1900." Instead of building on the soulful airiness of the first two tracks, North comes out of left field with a menacing trap banger. The instrumental here is bleak and unforgiving while North oozes with confidence on the mic.

The closing track, "Adesuwa," is a dancehall jam reminiscent of something off of his "Ginjah" EP. The instrumental possesses the contagious sense of rhythm that has become a hallmark of North's music, and his vocals here are vivacious and full of color.

Even though "Osa North and The Holy Spirit of God" clocks in at just four tracks and eight minutes in length, North is in no rush to get to the finish line.

There is an endearing sense of patience on this EP. The instrumentals have an airy, almost ethereal quality to them, and North spaces out his vocals in such a way that he is content in letting the music speak for itself. The marriage between these two elements make for another fantastic project from Osa North.

"Osa North and The Holy Spirit of God" is now available on all platforms.

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