King Art Brings Balance and Diversity on his Self-Titled EP

King Art Brings Balance and Diversity on his Self-Titled EP

Chicago-based producer King Art dropped a self-titled EP back on April 16, and this is definitely a project you won't want to sleep on.

King Art pulls you in right away with the first track, "King Of The Hill," which is a straight banger. The instrumental is gritty and uncompromising, and Excelle and Xzyle absolutely murk this beat, putting their lyrical chops on full display. An opener like this really lets you know that King Art meant business when putting together this project.

Following the opener is "Feel The Love," which is a surefire turn-up track soaked in auto-tune. King Art's instrumental is a bit more stripped back on this song, but no less gritty and bleak in its tone. These first two tracks really set the tone for what ends up becoming a very cohesive project.

The third song, "Rollin Through My Ends," serves as a continuation of the gritty sentiment from the first two tracks. King Art utilizes a guitar loop here mixed with some lo-fi trap percussion, which set the stage quite nicely for Vinas and Excelle to drop braggadocious bar after braggadocious bar. With rapid-fire flows and aggressive vocal delivery, these two MC's truly sound as if they have nothing to lose here.

The vibe switches up a bit on the fourth track, which is entitled "Weight." King Art's instrumental on here is spacey and stripped back. Morgan Gold shows up for a feature on here, and her vocals fit perfectly into the cloudy vibe of the instrumental. Caesar Gorgeous and Excelle also show up on here and they do their thing as well.

The EP closes out on a high note with the final two tracks, "Self Made" and "Guidance Counselor."

The former of the two, "Self Made," is smooth and serene. King Art comes through with a dreamy instrumental on here, driven by the rhythmic trap percussion as well as the ethereal guitar loop fading in and out in the background. Musa and Vinas complement each other quite well on this track, adding to the smooth and even aesthetic throughout.

The EP closes out with "Guidance Counselor," which is a lo-fi love jam. King Art's instrumental on here is beautiful in its simplicity, as the skeletal feel of the instrumental lets Excelle and Vinas take center stage, adding their own layers to the barebones feel of the track.

All in all, King Art has pulled together a project that is diverse as it is cohesive.

The grittier sounding instrumentals co-exist in perfect harmony with the more stripped numbers without compromising the cohesivity or flow of the project.

The guest features on here follow suit, as there is a great balance of lyrical technicality mixed with more laid back vocal performances.

King Art creates the perfect marriage between balance and diversity on here, and perhaps that is where his self-titled EP shines the most.


King Art's Self-titled EP is available now on all platforms.



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