REALXTY and DeadstockV1 Bring In #AriesSZN With Full Force On "Burn"

REALXTY and DeadstockV1 Bring In #AriesSZN With Full Force On "Burn"
Cover art by @luiisrtz

Closing the door on another brutal Chicago winter, REALXTY and DeadstockV1 are back and turning up the lyrical heat with their new single entitled "Burn."

The instrumental, a heavy, ferocious track produced by REALXTY himself, is an all around head knocker. The hefty aesthetic on this beat sets the perfect backdrop for these two spitters to flex their lyrical muscle, showing that they mean nothing but business.

REALXTY takes the 1st verse on here, showing the hunger of an artist who has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Utilizing an intricate triplet flow, REALXTY drops bar after bar about being able to overcome any obstacle that stands in his way. Given the fiery passion in his vocals, there is no reason whatsoever as to why we should doubt his sincerity.

Despite the fact that REALXTY sets an awfully high lyrical bar in the 1st verse, DeadstockV1 comes out in the 2nd verse sounding passionate in his own right, matching REALXTY stride for stride. His wordplay is witty and colorful, and his delivery is playful and confident as he displays all of the hallmarks of an MC who truly believes in their own abilities.

REALXTY and DeadstockV1 teaming up on the same track is truly a gift to the listener. Both of these guys have put in more than their fair share of work at honing their craft, and it truly shows on this joint. With "Burn," REALXTY and DeadstockV1 are bringing in #AriesSZN with full force.

"Burn" will be available on all platforms on March 21.

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