REALXTY And Mila La Morena Hit a Lovestruck Chord on "Mi Rosa"

REALXTY And Mila La Morena Hit a Lovestruck Chord on "Mi Rosa"
Cover Art by @Luiisrtz

REALXTY and Mila La Morena recently rang in Valentines Day with their new single, Mi Rosa, and this one is bound to pull on your heart strings.

REALXTY’s production talents really shine through on this track. The beat is smooth and rhythmic. It also possesses an endearing sense of patience, illustrating that a love worth waiting for has nothing but time on its hands.

Mila’s vocals are smokey and distinctive. Her phrasing is even and lyrical, and she brings a lot of passion and melody in her delivery.

REALXTY matches Mila’s passion stride for stride. His lyricism is poetic, his vocals matching his seemingly lovestruck heart. Both artists really bring the music alive through their vocal performances.

Mila and REALXTY play off each other really well on this song. Neither artist overpowers the other, and both of them employ a brilliant use of space, letting the airy instrumental breath when appropriate.

Something that also really stands out on Mi Rosa is how REALXTY and Mila both switch up from English to Spanish with ease. Both artists are of Hispanic descent and are also bilingual, and possess the songwriting ability to switch up languages with ease without interrupting the flow of the song.

Love is an all-consuming phenomenon; a contagious aura that envelops the entire core of your being. Whether your in-love, falling out of love or reminiscing on a lover from years’ past, Mi Rosa is certain to have you feeling some type of way.

Mi Rosa is available on all platforms now.


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PC: JasminSedaVisuals



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