deadstockv1 meshes the old with the new on "Channeling"

deadstockv1 meshes the old with the new on "Channeling"

deadstockv1 has been a man on a mission as of late.

Coming off the release of his poignant and self-reflective single entitled "Luminous," he has been busy working on his album that is due out later this year.

However, that doesn't mean he hasn't found the time to grace our ears with another gem beforehand.

On his new single entitled "Channeling," deadstockv1 pays homage to the old school while keeping his eye towards modern sensibilities in a way that is tasteful and organic.

The instrumental here is a vibrant mix of lo-fi trap music and jazz rap. The groaning bass and snappy trap percussion will appeal to younger fans, while the smokey Saxophone sample and hazy vibe of the track will earn the respect of older heads and traditionalists.

Lyrically, deadstockv1 pockmarks his verses with references to Wu-Tang and Phil Collins. He also touches on remaining a conscious voice during an era of Lil Wayne knockoffs with "Chief Keef concepts." His wordplay is witty, colorful and animated.

However, what might be the one thing that deadstockv1 really has going for him on this track is his vocal delivery. In a ferocious, high-pitched manner, deadstockv1 drops lyrical gem after lyrical gem, staking his claim as a lyrical mastermind in Chicago's underground scene. He spits every bar as if it's his last, and he sounds more convincing than ever doing it.

If deadstockv1 sounds this good rhyming over a freebie, then who knows what he has in store for us once his album drops. Rest assured, though, as Channeling is a sign of amazing things to come from this Chicago wordsmith.

"Channeling" is now available on all platforms.


"Channeling" Cover Art

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