Winner Winner Chick-Fil-A Dinner!

We have a winner from last week’s giveaway for an invitation to the Grand Opening of Chick-Fil-A Loyola Water Tower! Congrats go out to Lisa S.! Lisa will be indulging and enjoying Chick-Fil-A’s menu of mouthwatering chicken sandwiches and waffle fries before the general public. It’s okay to be jealous. To everyone else who is... Read more »

Sluts Take Over Downtown in First-Ever Chicago SlutWalk

Sluts Take Over Downtown in First-Ever Chicago SlutWalk
This past Saturday, sluts and slut lovers all over the Chicagoland area joined forces in a walk to take a stand against rape culture and spread an important but powerful message about sexual assault. Just because a woman [or man!] is dressed provocatively…or has been drinking…or is being totally skanking it up on the dance... Read more »

Wednesday Giveaway: Win An Invite to the Chick-Fil-A Grand Opening

My fellow Chicagoans…the wait is nearly over! In a little over two weeks, the highly anticipated Chick-Fil-A location at Loyola Water Tower [30 East Chicago at the corner of Wabash and Chicago] will finally be open for business! And I know that I am not the only one excited for it. Anytime one of these... Read more »

A Monkey on a Pig.

A Monkey on a Pig.
A friend of mine shared this little piece of awesome sauce with me last night. And it was simply too good not to share. I’m not sure which is better…the visuals or the song. Enjoy this little funny for your Friday, if for no other reason than you needing a little more absurdity in your... Read more »

Happy Global Planking Day

In case you didn’t get the memo…people are weird. And apparently there is a new trend–Planking–gaining momentum and today just so happens to be Global Planking Day. Planking is exactly as how it sounds. You replicate a plank. Lie down, stiff as a board, with your toes pointed and arms straight at your sides. The... Read more »

Sneak Preview at The Field Museum's Newest Exhibit: Whales Giants of the Deep

Take an up close look at artifacts that have been carved from whale teeth and bones at the Pataka Taonga display.
Earlier this week, The Field Museum invited me to come and experience their newest exhibit, Whales: Giants of the Deep, before it opens to the masses. The inner child who wanted to grow up and be a marine biologist instantly filled with excitement at the invitation. However, due to prior commitments, I was unable to... Read more »

Welcome Home to American Idol's Haley Reinhart!

Wheeling’s Haley Reinhart – Photo from Chicago’s latest reality talent star, Haley Reinhart, is scheduled to return home tomorrow for a whirlwind tour of her hometown as part of American Idol’s Final 3. Cue the ticker tape parade! Okay. Not really. But in true Idol tradition, we’ve got a jam packed day planned for... Read more »

Twitter Reactions to Osama Bin Laden's Death

So here we are…66 years to the day that Hitler was pronounced dead…another extremist psychopath has fallen. Perhaps future generations will one day ask us…were were you the night Osama Bin Laden was announced dead?  Well, I for one, was stuck humoring the other half at a screening of Scream 4 (take my advice…wait for it to... Read more »

Royal Wedding Photochops

So apparently there was a Royal Wedding yesterday. Something about a fairytale coming true and a girl waking up a commoner and falling asleep a Princess. Sigh. If only it really worked that way…I may not be able to become a princess, but at least I know I could always go and find myself a... Read more »

Day of the Drinking Dead: The 4th Annual Zombie Pub Crawl

Enjoy eating brains? Do you have rotting limbs and dried blood caked to your body? Looking for something to do this weekend? Well look no further! Because the fourth annual Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl throws down tomorrow! The undead will meet at @mosphere [5355 N. Clark] at 2pm to commence the zombie crawl throughout Andersonville... Read more »