Countdown to Harry Potter

Countdown to Harry Potter

We're just days away from the final installment of everyone's favorite wizard on the silver screen and millions of people are finding ways to recreate a decade of magical awesomeness in anticipation of the series' epic culmination. Everything from staging Quidditch tournaments to jamming out to Wizard Wrock--yes, both are real things--are the prelude to a dramatic finale in J.K. Rowling's bewitching world.

While you won't find me at a Harry and the Potters concert any time soon, the other half and I have been working our way through all seven films before next Monday [when we're headed to the IMAX]. The Chamber of Secrets was one of the first movie dates my husband and I went on back in 2002 and so the series has always held a special place for us.

But if you're looking to do the same and don't have the series on DVD...or simply want to relive Harry's tenure at Hogwarts on the silver can! Starting tonight, the AMC River East 21 and Naperville 16 will be showing two Harry Potter flicks a night in their original glory, with the Thursday evening showing of Deathly Hallows Pt 1 leading into the midnight premiere of Part RealD 3-D.  The $45 ticket includes admission to all eight films, a commemorative book, 3-D glasses and lanyard for your special pass.  You'll be with Potter fanatics [am I the only one compelled to call them Potheads?!], so surely no one will judge if you show up sporting your Gryffindor house colors, dress robes or Nimbus 2001.

To help get you in the Hogwarts spirit and the final crusade of good over evil, Warner Brothers has released the following look back at Harry Potter over the's pretty fantastic...

Sigh. It's been a bittersweet journey. And I'm admittedly sad to see it come to an end.

How are you preparing for the greatest wizarding battle of our time? Leave a comment and let us know!

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