A Lakefront Trapeze? Yes, Please!

Those of you who frequent the Belmont Harbor corridor may have recently noticed some changes. Namely ladders and nets and all sorts of high flying cables. It all looks like it could be a training camp for the ill-fated Spiderman: The Musical on Broadway.


But in all actuality, Trapeze School New York has set up shop here in Chicago so we can all experience the adrenaline rush of swinging high in the sky on a trapeze.

Sound awesome?
That's because it is awesome.

Acrobatics once reserved for fearless trapeze artists, tiny underage Chinese Olympic gymnasts and Carrie Bradshaw [don't lie, you totally remember that Sex and the City episode] are now more mainstream than ever allowing the public to brave great heights and push the limits on their personal comfort zones. Individual experience classes run $47-67 or you can score a workshop deal for a few hundred bucks for 8-10 weeks of "the air up there."

When I was younger I always threatened to run away and join the circus. It looks like I now may have a legit shot at experiencing my childhood dreams. Hopefully I'll be able to make it out there sometime this summer and give the full down and dirty report on the experience.

Stay awesome, friends!


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  • Have you tried this yet? YOU NEED TO GO TRY THIS. Seriously. I did an indoor one in Seattle, and while I sort of wanted to die, I'm glad I did it. Once.

    Seriously. GO DO IT.

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