Things I'd Rather Be Doing Than Shopping On Black Friday

It's almost Thanksgiving!! Which can only mean one thing...


"Oh, for the good old days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money."

We're just a few days away from tens of thousands of deal seekers pounding down the doors of their local Best Buys and Walmarts as they take part in the melee that is Black Friday Shopping. Board games for a buck! Laptops up to 50% off! Free games bundled with the new hot holiday item...the Xbox Kinect! What more could a frugalista want?!

Some sanity for starters.

Clearly, Black Friday isn't for everyone. The thought of surrounding myself with anxious laser-focused shoppers makes me want to pull the sheets up over my head a little tighter and slip back into my turkey coma [which is inevitable since I'll be living in gluttony with a fourth helping of Great Aunt Millie's stuffing].
I can think of dozens of things I'd rather do than stand in line for three hours for a chance at a cheap Blu-Ray Player at 5am with a cup of coffee in 30-degree temps [seriously...what's up with the sudden temperature drop this week?! It was 60 yesterday!!]. Here's a look at a handful of some no-so-awesome things I'd rather be doing than subjecting myself to the personal hell that is Black Friday shopping...

So if you're crazy enough to brave the of luck to you. And for those of you with the foresight to stay home...tell me, what would you rather be doing?

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