The Most Awesome Way to Spend Black Friday...

Yesterday, I shared with you 15 things that I'd rather be doing instead of shopping on Black Friday. Here's one more thing...quite possibly the most awesome thing of them all...

This Black Friday, don't go running through the doors of Target to battle a grey-haired granny


The Inaugural Black Friday 5k is a much better way to get your cardio in on Black Friday. Someone should give this guy a heads up! Say "NO" to Shopping and "YES" to a stress-reducing run!

for the last purple polka dot Sing-A-Ma-Jig. The running that you should be doing is as a participant in the FIRST EVER BLACK FRIDAY 5K!!! And it'll inevitably be the best deal you find in Chicago all day...because this sucker is FREE!!!!! 

Yes, my fellow deal seeker. You read that right.
F-R-E-E. Free!!!!!!
Our friends over at Fleet Feet Chicago have joined forces with the League of Awesome Chicago Now Bloggers to bring you this unprecedented and highly anticipated event [okay...that may be a tad excess...but it's going to be fantastically badass regardless].
This Friday at 3pm, we'll meet at Fleet Feet Pipers Alley and then head out for a 5k Fun Run to celebrate health, gluttony and the avoidance of stupidly long checkout lines. What's that? You don't run? No problem! We're friendly with walkers, too!
After the run, we'll toast ourselves with gatorade, water and beer [for those of us old enough!] back at Fleet Feet. And if you want to keep the Black Friday soiree going, we'll be heading over to Casey Moran's in Wrigleyville for libations, appetizers and a private concert by Justin Bieber. And by Justin Bieber I mean the Pace of Chicago's David Wallach. And by private concert I mean a tragically awesome rendition of "Baby." And if we're lucky, he may even treat all of us to a little dance with extra saucy hip action.
Still not convinced? Check out more reasons after the jump...
Here are a few reasons why you should join us.
1. Because you ate your bodyweight in turkey.
And stuffing. And cranberry sauce. And mashed potatoes. And then you
topped it all off two slices of pumpkin pie. Don't lie. You know you're
guilty and you need to find a way to offset the caloric hurricane that
took over your body. A run with new friends is the perfect way to do
just that.
2. Because you like helping people, you awesome little do-gooder, you!! The
Inaugural Black Friday 5k is your chance to spread a little sunshine to
those in need. We'll be collecting canned goods for the Greater Chicago
Food Depository (which also gets you 10% off any purchase you make at
Fleet Feet that day!). You can donate old race shirts to St. Vincent
DePaul. Or you can bring old running shoes to be recycled into
playground surfaces for parks and schools. 
3. Because you like a steal.
Seriously people. 5k's cost you on average $30-$35 in Chicago. This
costs you nothing. Sure, we're not taking official times...or awarding
medals...and everyone walks away a winner. BUT IT'S FREE. 
4. Because there are libations!
Do I really need to say more? And if you tell me you're
hungover...that's still no excuse, because we've got the cure with a bit
of the hair of the dog. And a run will help you sweat out all those
evil little toxins. 
5. Because you want to meet some of your favorite Chicago Now Bloggers [like me!]. Or want to come and give us a piece of your mind. Either way...come and say hi! We'll have Ashley Bond from Body By Bond, Dan from Queer Guy Tells it Straight, David from Pace of Chicago, Dan from Cubicle Dad, Lauren from Outside the Girl Box, Phil from Going the Distance, and more in tow!
Check out the Fleet Feet Facebook Event Page for all the deets! See you there!!
Stay awesome, campers!


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  • Awesome! I am ready with my best JB. Of course, I need a few back up singers:)

  • In reply to DavidWallach:

    I don't think you'll have any issues with that. Apparently Lauren knows *all* of the words ;)

  • In reply to RunningJayhawk:

    like baby, baby, baby, ooooooh,
    like baby, baby, baby, noooooo!

    I'm ready.

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