Salsa in the Sky at the Willis Tower

On Monday, the Ledge at the Willis Tower Skydeck had a first... may be a first-time ever...anywhere...

...a Salsa was performed 1,353 feet above the ground, with a hazy Chicago Skyline as the stage.

Jesse DeSoto and partner Jaana Lillemagi from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio [200 North Michigan Avenue] performed a salsa on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, proving once again that you can do just about anything on those few little inches of glass towering over downtown Chicago.

"We've performed in some pretty unusual settings, but never anything as wild as this," said Dancing with the Stars pro alum Jesse DeSoto [who also owns Fred Astaire Dance Studio].

Check out the footage from the day over here and in the below slideshow...

If you're interested in learning how to salsa, you can print out a certificate online for a free introductory class to be redeemed at a Fred Astaire Dance Studio. know what I'd like to do on the Willis Tower Skydeck
Ledge? I'd like to sleep there overnight. Talk about one heck of an
awesome slumber party with an indescribable view when you wake up! Who do I need to talk
to in order to make this happen? Seriously. I can't say that anyone has ever had
that kind of opportunity...and I've even got my own sleeping bag! Drop me a line if you think you'd be up for the challenge, Willis Tower!

And to think what an insanely amazing blog post it'd make. Juuuuuuuuuust sayin'...

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