Awesome Pumpkins

Recently, the other half and I decided that just because we live in a mid-rise condo building downtown, doesn't mean we should be deprived of the joy that is the Halloween tradition of pumpkin carving. Now I can't recall the last time I actually carved a pumpkin...but I'm pretty sure it was somewhere in the mid-90's. No doubt, it was a hysterically pathetic sight. 

I may be more than a decade older, but one thing remains the same: my tragically awesome artistic skillz. (Let's just say that kindergarteners can draw stick figures better than I can.)
So I did what any artiste would do...scoured the interweb. I don't like to think of it as carvery plagerism...but know, since I'm hardly capable with coloring between the lines.
On that thought...maybe I shouldn't be using knives for this sucker? Afterall, there is a strong probability that I'll lose a thumb in the process. 

But I digress.
Navigating your way through all of the crazy pumpkin carving ideas out there is about as tricky as finding your way out of a haunted corn maze after three too many keg stands. So I took some time to pull a few of my favorite and fun pumpkins to share with you wonderful folks. So don't make your Halloween pumpkin just a jack-o-lantern...make it a work of art. 

Check out some of these truly awesome pumpkins...

Be sure to come back next week to check out all of the haunted craziness I'll be experiencing this weekend. In the meantime, keep up with us over on Facebook and Twitter!



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  • I think your image of Iron-Man is actually Optimus Prime from Transformers, not 100% though. Cool pictures though!

  • In reply to Stylin19:

    You know...I thought that, too! But Ironman was listed on the site that I I figured I'd give credit to the attempt of the artist. ;)

  • In reply to RunningJayhawk:

    That is definitely not Iron Man in any incarnation that has ever existed, and is 100% Optimus Prime from the Transformers.

  • In reply to RunningJayhawk:

    Optimus Prime:

    Iron Man

  • In reply to RunningJayhawk:

    I like this post

  • In reply to Stylin19:

    Oooh, scary! Just what I needed to get into the spirit! (Referring to the Palin pumpkin, of course.)

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