Awesome Tweet Reactions To LeBron's Announcement

So last night, basketball phenomenon LeBron James announced that he's packing up shop and heading to the sunshine state for a chance to team up with Bosh and Wade in the hopes of picking up a ring or two over the next few years. 

While many in the city of Chicago let out a collective groan at The King's decision, if you listened closely you could hear the cries and toddler-sized tantrums coming from the state of Ohio. So I did what any good blogger would do...
...I headed to Twitter to witness the LeBron love-hate fest throw down among the fans, the haters, and those who just didn't give a damn. Some of the reactions were outright whiny. Some were pithy. And others were absolutely hysterical.
The opportunity to document some of the reactions was far too great to pass here's a look at some of my favorite "OMG!! NOOOO!!! LEBRON IS GOING TO THE HEAT!!!!" reactions as found on Twitter... 

What was your reaction to the news? Did you find any awesome and interesting tweets? Leave a comment and let me know what should be added!



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  • Very creative and funny!

  • This is just the greatest. Gotta love those thousands of twitter reactions.

  • He just showed how to go from loved to hated in no time flat...He'll be booed in every arena away from home and he still have to show up in Clevland 4 times a year. That's like showing up at an ex girlfriends party with your new better looking girlfriend...

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