Finding My Purpose In Life: Starting My Passion Project (AGAIN) While Having A Career

tableWhen I was younger I had big dreams, exciting fantasies of what I wanted to do when I grew up? I knew I had a great purpose in life. I knew that  I wanted to make others happy, help them in any way I could.  Now in my mid 20’s I have realize that I haven’t been really able to strive at doing that for people. Here and there I have been able to then it’s back to just a memory of doing what I enjoyed, instead I’m worrying about paying the bills. As I grew up, the jobs I took on earn a living may not necessarily be what is true to my soul as I thought. Starting to feel burnt out. Having breakdowns multiple nights of the week. I knew I needed to make some changes. I didn’t care what those changes were, who it was going to affect. I needed to find my purpose in life. Finding my purpose began with making space.  Space for the possibilities. I just thought I had so many impossibilities to face.

I asked myself “What Should I Do With My Life?’ I had to really dig into the deepest parts of myself. My deepest desires, because that is where my purpose is placed. It’s personal and so connected but, I need to make space for it to emerge. My internal and external world needed a lot of work. I needed to remove a great amount of people out of my life. I needed to focus on my mental health, physical health and my spiritually. I had to be brutally honest with myself. I had to hold myself accountable for all of my actions, attitude and behavior. I stayed gracious. I accepted what had happen in the past and promised myself to do better and be better for the future.

I am excited to have been able to get back into the swing of things. Blogging, putting myself out there to connect with other who have similar passions and interest as me. It feels so amazing to become emotionally, spiritually and almost physically connected with myself. I honestly am beginning to understand what my purpose is. My comfort is meeting my reality.



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